June 25, 2014
UX Day
Starting a dialogue about Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and Creativity at SAP. Hosted by d.studio.
Guest Speakers
  • Whitney Hess
    User Experience and Self-Development Coach
  • Peter Bostelmann
    Director of Mindfulness Programs at SAP
  • Irene Au
    Operating Partner at Khosla Ventures / Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • Juliette Melton
    Design Researcher and Strategist at IDEO
  • David Perls
    Experienced Brand Strategist / Executive Leadership Coach
We have a mind that can think. We have a heart that can feel. We have a body that can sense. But to what extent are we really using those faculties of feeling and sensing when it comes to our everyday work?
Great idea for developing adaptability? Toss that old work…
Being Integral
Integration means body, mind and heart are in alignment, working together towards a common goal.
Pause and breathe…
It has a way of turning your day around.
We start censoring our thoughts, editing ourselves. Mindfulness practices helps us shed that ego and be more fully present.
Mindfulness Ways
You don’t have to sit in lotus position to meditate. It could be a mindful walk, mindful eating, or journaling…
Essence of Meditation
It’s more about being fully accepting of whatever is happening at that moment.
Siva Sabaretnam
Mindfulness at Work
Panel Discussion
Mindfulness in the Workplace
What designers are saying
I want to thank you for an amazing experience today. You and your team thought of everything. The experience was contemplative and spa-like. The speakers were terrific and I heard from many of my colleagues how much we all enjoyed the topic of emotional intelligence. I had no idea SAP has a director of EI. Wow! We are so progressive!
—Designer, Central UX
I got a lot out of the emotional intelligence and mindfulness discussions. For me, EQ and mindfulness are essential to keeping my work relationships on track. IMHO next steps would continue to make this personal and actionable. To let each of us see what we are doing and want to do. The writing exercises were great for that!
—Designer, DCC
Thank you for arranging such a wonderful event (UX Day). It was so informative and the topic was very new (for me). I wouldn't have connected this to design if I weren't here. It was truly an amazing experience.
—Designer, SAP INDIA
Thanks for this great event! We really enjoyed it.
—Designer, Success Factors
Emotional self control underlies accomplishment of every sort.
—Daniel Goleman